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The fabrication of diamond tools for turning and milling, i.e. for machining non-ferrous metals, predominantly in the watch and jewellery industry, formed the beginning of our activities. Machines that were produced in-house with optimal running smoothness and precise tools for cutting and finishing the diamonds soon perfected the manufacturing process and enabled us to produce tools with high demands on precision and cutting polish.

In 1970 we started a project for the production of diamond knives for cutting ultrathin, biological and technical specimens in an ultramicrotome. Ultramicrotomy is an important preparation method for research by means of transmission electron microscopy, scanning electron microscopy and scanning tunnelling microscopy. We have been a world leader in this market niche for many years thanks to innovative new products with our DIATOME diamond knives.

In 1975 we produced the first diamond scalpel for cutting the cornea in cataract and refractive surgery. Thanks to the far superior cutting capacity as compared to conventional knives and thus the gentler cutting of the cornea, MEYCO diamond scalpels are used worldwide today.