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美国Roboz弹簧剪RS-5605 vannas剪刀RS-5606 Roboz代理

产品简介:McPherson-Vannas 3“(7.5mm) long 5x.1mm(Cutting Edge x Tip Width) Angled
美国Roboz弹簧剪RS-5605 vannas剪刀RS-5606 Roboz代理









Spring Scissors

About micro scissors

These micro scissors are recommended for microscopic dissections. Browse our full selection of spring scissors below or choose a sub-category above to narrow down the list.

美国Roboz弹簧剪RS-5605 vannas剪刀RS-5606 Roboz代理 

Tip dimensions of spring scissors  

Most of our spring scissors are available in two tip sizes. Tip dimensions indicated in the short product description below the part number refer to the length ofcutting edges followed by the tip width of a single tip.

See our Vannas Spring Scissors category to find the finest scissors. RS-5604 and RS-5605 have the thinnest tapered blades with needle-point tips. The extra fine RS-5640 and RS-5641 have the thinnest tips (only 0.05 mm) for the most precise cuts.  

Actual blade and tip dimensions may slightly vary from the specifications because these scissors are made by hand and they may have to go through several phases of adjustments until they reach perfection.

Blade shape and angle of spring scissors   

Most spring scissors are available with straight or curved blades. The cutting edges of straight blades can be oriented many different ways. Standard straight blades will cut in a straight line forward and the blades move (open and close) in the same plane the handles do. Blades that are angled on the edge cut in the same plane in which the handles move but they are angled from the handle’s axis (point up or down). Blades that are angled on flat are angled from the plane of the handles (point sideways). 360-degree rotating views are available for many scissors with special blades. Check the product detail page by clicking on the Learn more button or the thumbnail image to find them.

美国Roboz弹簧剪RS-5605 vannas剪刀RS-5606 Roboz代理 

Micro scissors with SureCut blades      

Our new Castroviejo and Noyes scissors with SureCut blades have razor-sharp blades. The cutting ability of these blades added to the precise shearing action ensures effortless, clean cuts. Visit our SureCut Scissors category to see all of our scissors with SureCut blades.


Scissors with special tips

Some scissors have blunt tips in order to avoid unintended damage to tissue. Fine artery scissors have a small, smooth ball point on one tip. The ball prevents the blades from piercing through vessels so that damage to the underlying structure can be avoided.

Micro scissors with unique handles

If the procedure requires frequent rotation of the blades, a pair of scissors with special round handles can prevent hand fatigue. Instead of constantly rotating the wrist, the direction of round-handle scissors can be changed by simply rolling them between the fingers. Some scissors have long, pencil-like handles and blades on a narrow shank to allow reaching through small portals and working farther away from the hand.



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